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Jimmy Wales about Wikipedia for World Heritage. (Subtitled Version.)

Help us to get WIKIPEDIA recognized as first digital World Heritage Site by UNESCO

This year WIKIPEDIA celebrated its 10th anniversary – a great occasion to honor what a lot of people achieved together and to ensure the continued existence of WIKIPEDIA as a platform of free knowledge.

It all began with a simple idea:

“What if everyone was given free access to the sum of all human knowledge?” Within the last 10 years, this seemingly utopian idea has resulted in nothing less than the largest collection of human knowledge ever created. Independent, unrestrictedly accessible, and non-commercial.

This achievement made WIKIPEDIA a pioneer of cultural change because WIKIPEDIA transferred the tradition of knowledge exchange into the new, digital age. Thus creating a unique place of knowledge exchange in the history of civilization.

This is why as a cross-border cultural achievement, WIKIPEDIA deserves recognition and protection as UNESCO’s first digital World Cultural Heritage Site. If you share this opinion, we appeal for you to sign the petition.

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Recent signatories

  • simon chkhaidze tbilisi
  • Seppo Sepone Salzburg
  • Karl-Heinz Prinz Gerolstein
  • Charly Grünewald Sakon Nakhon
  • Matthias Buchner Kiel
  • Werner Schwinghammer Neusäß
  • Ursula Hampel Dormagen
  • Judith Seibert Augsburg
  • Markus Scholz Darmstadt
  • Julien Proksch Berlin
  • Felix Wende Landsberg OT Niemberg
  • Friedhelm Tegeler Espelkamp
  • Pia Troßbach Ebersburg
  • Johann Hackler Falkensee
  • Thomas Pemsel Wien
  • Simon Harre Teltow
  • Alexander Weigel Felsberg
  • Gabriele Braun Ottobrunn
  • Leonid Tyde Wiesloch
  • Manfred Andraschko Kirchheim
  • Martin Prestele Bidingen
  • Thomas Jaeger Salzburg
  • dick stegeman ijmegen
  • Tamas Szentkereszty Fürstenfeldbruck
  • Martin Jud Winterthur

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Wikipedia for World Heritage!
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